phpDesigner 6.2

phpDesigner 6.2 is an editor for PHP manily plus HTML, CSS and JavaScript
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phpDesigner is one of the most useful studios for editing and writing PHP code as it colorizes the syntax of the language in order to make programming easier and funnier. The editor has a built-in auto-complete functionality that offer suggestions during typing. Moreover, the editor offers options to automatically insert functions,classes, comments, variables and different PHP statements such as "if else", "while", "for" loop and much more. In addition the program provides the ability to debug your code and preview it in a built-in local browser, the advanced debugger allows you to make a step forward/backward or to pause the execution of your code at any stage. phpDesigner contains a utility to check the syntax of your code and returns a list of errors. The program supports not only PHP but other scripting languages as well, such as javascript; and it has many ready-made functions and statements to be automatically inserted. The integrated CSS support, which offers a CSS creator wizard, will simplify the process of creating style sheets as it has most of the elements ready for direct use. The creators of phpDesigner didn't forget about HTML and they have integrated many tools for controlling and editing HTML files and a tool to make your HTML code more organized called "HTML Tidy". The program has many built-in tools such as an FTP browser, a MYSQL client, a text compare and a CVN tool.

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  • Edit PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript from one single window


  • Trial version expires after 21 days
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